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 Botters on nif_fild01

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PostSubject: Botters on nif_fild01   Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:20 am

I've recently come across a person/person(s) botting on nif_fild01.

Many other people have told me that they also have seen this person/person(s) botting there.

The distinct way to find out if someone is botting is this. You come across the bot on the map and they instantly teleport regardless of what they're doing. For instance, this person I found botting was killing a Dullahan, and when I saw him, he instantly teleported without killing that Dullahan.

This instant teleport is keep from people seeing the botter's name and thus reporting the botter. The teleport isn't always instant and you CAN see the botter's name if you're fast enough with your mouse. The map nif_fild01 is a small map, so it's inevitable that you come across the botter/botters more than once.

To double-check to see if it were indeed a botter, I whispered the botter's name, and got no reply each time.

I've tried notifying GMs about this. And it seems like they did nothing to stop them.

The botters names are: Pakubets, and Awooo.

As I told Style about this, the botter was still online botting and no action was taken. (Awooo)

I've read the server rules and it would seem that this would be illegal but if this is not illegal, then it would be nice to know.
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Botters on nif_fild01
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