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 Hey! Check it out; a Condom!!! 'Where!?'

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Lubed Condom


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PostSubject: Hey! Check it out; a Condom!!! 'Where!?'   Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:30 pm

Aight soooo, Hello!!!!
I'm new here, so yeah, i think you get it since i'm posting here but meh.

I've been about... Well, lots of years playing RO and meh, i'm not so good introducing myself so i guess this might get boring, ya'know.

I'm from Spain, age [[INSERT AGE HERE]] and well, i just hope i enjoy time here, meet people, kill people... Normal things you'd do, right?

Sooo yeah. I'm not really gonna say anymore cause well, if you guys want to meet me you'll see how i am and that.

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Hey! Check it out; a Condom!!! 'Where!?'
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