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 Server listed as english speaking on rms; all english all chat policy?

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PostSubject: Server listed as english speaking on rms; all english all chat policy?   Fri Jun 24, 2011 7:32 am

So , I on ratemyserver.net this server is supposedly an english speaking server ,while it obviously isn't , at all.

I've seen like 2 conversations that only INCLUDED SOME ENGLISH.

And the people that i talked to clearly do know english VERY well, no mexican style "how u r giv goldz" no , most of the people here speak english pretty damn well I'd say.

And it's probably very discouraging for the new players on the server, when they can't understand a word.

So I suggest introducing an all english all-chat!
You'd still be able to chat in your language in whispers or guild chat or wherever, but keep the all-chat english , so that when finally this english guy downloads this servers client, actually stays here.

I think it would benefit all of us , by

1. More players ( that actually stay on the server )
2. With more players comes more donations $_$
3. Better server reviews ( saying that it's an english speaking server is kinda false advertisement )
4. Less hate, because i know alot of english people dislike filipinos and what not, but if we all just spoke english, they would never know and when they finally find out the people they've made friends with are filipinos they'll go "Oh , well looks like they're really cool after all".
5. Which all comes down to pretty much MOAR PLAYERS

I'd love to get an admins standpoint on this and player opinions on why this would/wouldn't work.
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Server listed as english speaking on rms; all english all chat policy?
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