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 Server Rules , Basic Etiquette 1.1

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PostSubject: Server Rules , Basic Etiquette 1.1   Sun Jun 26, 2011 1:19 am

The thing you confirm everytime You log in , read it.

It says that maniaro is an international server, open to everybody , so stop starting all conversations in your language, don't be dumb people.

This has got to be the wort server I've ever played when it comes to the community , one person is a bigger douche than the other ( with a FEW exceptions ) the gm's...

Are there any gm's ?

I've never seen one in-game at least.

You'd think someone would check out the forum once in a while , but threads directly addressing gm's get ignored , and neither do those threds get replied to by the regular players.

Whenever there are people in the pvp-room , it's 10 people from, the same guild going all out on every single person that enters the pvp-room, which is just pathetic.

Just venting the rage.

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Server Rules , Basic Etiquette 1.1
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