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 Well played Maniaro , well played indeed.

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PostSubject: Well played Maniaro , well played indeed.   Sun Jun 26, 2011 5:13 pm

So i decide to make a sinx , i get all my other items and all i needed was a scarf [1] , the quest was to gather 800 black cat dolls , dropped by loli ruri.

Ok cool.

It takes a while , and niffleheim fields aren't exactly friendliest place ever but i do it.

It takes a while though.

So after that i decide I'll probably make a clown now, so i look through the donations,
"Woah, Magical Ball ? 10%after-cast delay decrease delay? That's awesome!"

"I require the following:
-1000 Bat cage"




This is the most retarded shit ever, it gives the lucky few poeple a techinically free headgear , since they get ingredients for 2 quests from the same mob.

And for the rest, they just either never find out or *facepalm* at the admin so hard it goes through their face and bends the space time continuum into a dick shape.

I suggest changing that ,alternatively add something like:

"Hey if You'r gonna do this quest , you might aswell loot this other item from the same mob for a free headgear since that's how we roll here at ManiaRo!"
where appropriate.

But I guess this IS actually how You roll on here, cause this is just shitty design or a pure troll attempt.

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Well played Maniaro , well played indeed.
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